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SSR 250

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TBolt sells these and the reviews have been pretty good.  As with anything, the issue is following the manufacturers set up and break in, and having a parts source.  


I know people love to knock Chinese stuff, but only a small portion of the stuff coming out of there is junk.  Most everything you buy for lawn and yard equipment is manufactured there as well as most every small engine.  Honda has been using Lifan, a Chinese engine manufacturer, to build their generator engines for years.  I have an old Coleman with a Honda engine that says made in China right on it.  Kawasaki and Suzuki have a lot of their bikes and parts made outside of Japan and people still seems to want those brands (although I don;t know why).  


Point being, even Mr. Honda started somewhere trying to sell his stuff in a foreign market and had resistance.  And that was barely 20 years after WW2 with still a lot of anti-Japanese sentiments with the older generation.  Yet he proved is machines could be reliable and improved them over time.  I suspect that Chinese companies who want to succeed in this market will also do the same.  The SSR 250 will be seen as one of those first steps.

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