I've got a 02 rm125 that I've had for about 8 months and I've gotten good at riding and where I can handle it pretty easily. I've got a chance to get a 05 rm250 and still keep my 125. Should I go for it?

Definitely you have the chance to expand your stable and maintain both. After all what's wrong with an extra bike! (:

I also have a '02 RM125.  Great bike.  If you can keep it and get a RM250 I would go for it.  I hear the 2005 was a good year for the RM250.


I have a YZ250 as well and still ride the RM125 so yeah I say go for it.

Go for it they are great bikes. I owned a 06 rm 250 and wish I still had it.

Thanks guys I think I'm gonna go for it.

Might as well start somewhere! You will love the 250s power in the woods

~ride or die~

Yeah the 125 is a blast but it just fells kinda weak at times. I don't think I'll be disappointed

Yeah I agree with that.  Sometimes it just seems like it makes noise and feels like its going fast but your not going all that fast.  I still think its a blast to drive.  The 250 definitely has that extra get up and go. 

Yeah. I think I will like it

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