Rad braces for older wr

I've looked high and low, am I going to out of luck finding rad braces for a 99 wr 125? Am I going to have to make my own? Anyone have ideas?

they WILL be out there,



I've no idea what continent you are on..,


USA - Taskys / Halls, Uptite..!!


UK  - ORO2U.com, taliesin


Aus/NZ   R+D Husqvarna , Sydney


or look on motosportz / cafeH.


TBH I'd be suprised if they were too different from the 2000 / 01 yellow + blue CR / WR,





I did look on the parts cross reference. 95-99 use same rad, 2000 on was a different part number. Although that doesn't mean they are so different that the braces wouldn't fit, I doubt I'd ever have a set to try. So I'd want to order the right ones. BTW I am in the US, I'll start calling places maybe they have some up on a shelf under an in of dust ;)

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