xr 600 case cover interchanges

my left side case cover on my 85 xr 600 is shot i cant find one anywhere... are any other years or bikes interchangable or where i could find one

The cover in the parts fiche below..????




If the answer is "Yes that cover" then any RFVC XR/XL600 cover from 83-2000 will fit it.. Minor variations in colour is about the only difference. An RFVC XR500 cover should also fit fine..

There are variations in the smaller sprocket protection cover..XL won't go on the XR from memory..

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My 83 xl has an 87 xr cover on it and they are the same, just different colors so i spray painted it to match. I just went to the garage and checked and the smaller sprocket protection covers are also interchangable between my two bikes.

I can't seem to find one

yup item 1 in that fiche is it wow all the way to 2000... sweet idc about color ill paint it lol

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