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Honda xr200 springs

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Trials riding usually needs a more lively suspension compared to trail riding or MX, so I think the stock spring and shock is a good starting point.


Depending on terrain and your skill level, or desire for speed, Trail riding could require  stiffer springs but more likely better damping and more suspension travel.


It all depends on your skill level, the terrain you are riding, and most important your expectations. My Trials bike is a modern one with 6 1/2" of suspension travel, when I use it for trail riding I don't expect it to work as well as my XR200R or XRCRF250X (with more than 12" of travel), but I would never attempt to use the CRF in a Trials event. :banghead:


Lastly the XR250 springs are only about 10% stiffer than the 86-91 XR springs and I don't know how they compare to the later XR200 spring rates, and depending on year/model they have a free lenght of 7 1/2 - 8 5/8" so they may not fit the later shorter shock.

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