Cr125 jetting issues

My 1999 CR125 just got rebuilt, and it has a serious fuel delivery/exit issue. At first I thought it was powervalves, but theyre opening fine, seems to me maybe late, its gotta rev its nuts off for them to open, and they do open all the way, but theyre opening smoothly and well, opening, so I can rule out that issue.

The problem now leads towards jetting. Symptoms:

Takes, literally, 20-30 kicks (with throttle open) to get it started. Will not start if throttle is closed.

Weird "squishing" noise coming from air filter when I kick the bike over.

Once starting, I have to hold the throttle at 15-20% to get it to idle

When running, bottom end is good, quite springy and "kicky" actually, but it has 0 top end. As if it just dosent want to rev, feels "choked up"

And all of this is neatly tied with a general choking/bottled up feeling coming from the bike. It sounds like its choking on its own exhaust fumes.
Also bogging, everywhere. "Smokes like a cummins"
One thing I noticed, I took off the exhaust chamber to paint it and putting it down on its side for maybe 5 minutes emitted a foot wide pool of spooge on my garage floor. WHich is another side of rich jetting 
It seems maybe 1 or 2 sizes too big on both jets? Any advice?

crank seal (trans)

crank seal (trans)

Definitely not that. It dosent smoke that bad, and it's not burning transmission oil, I've already checked that

What is your current jetting including the air screw position?

Did you put your piston in backwards?

What is your current jetting including the air screw position?

I'll be able to tell you that when I get home. I'm damn sure it's stock.

Air screw is screwed out, 3 turns. It won't run if it's anything less than that. At 2 turns it won't even sputter, 2.5 turns it'll cough and try to run and 3 it'll start

Sounds like you need a smaller pilot jet.

Sounds like you need a smaller pilot jet.

Okay, did some stuff yesterday, sprayed out all the jets, brought the air screw down to 1.5 turns, and took some play out of the throttle tube adjuster, and now almost all of the problems are gone. EXCEPT, for when im running, the bike has great bottom end, itll do powerwheelies, but once it hits top end, it starts smoking and bogging. If its idling and I rev it, bottom and mid are great and the second I hit top a few times smoke billows out of the muffler. Maybe too rich on the main?

Sounds like you need a smaller pilot jet.

Also, by riding it a bunch yesterday, I can put it in 2nd gear and nail it, bottom end picks up good, then it starts wailing when the powervalves open, THEN it hits top end and it bogs out and has no power.

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