Gas cap nipple broke off

My son was playing around on his DRZ 110 and hit the vent tube on his gas cap.  rather than the tube falling off it broke off the nipple at the base of the cap.  We had plans to go ride on sunday and i can't get a replacement cap in time.  what would happen if he rode with cap as it is with no vent tube and just a small hole where the nipple would normally be?  Im sure i can't plug the hole and I'm afraid to leave it open.  any suggestions?

Get a cap. It is going to leak gas broken.

just don't fill the tank to the top and it shouldn't dribble unless he dumps it  you could tape a rag to the top it would still vent  and anything that would spit out will get on the rag


but probably not necessary 


and no  don't plug it 

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For a quick fix I would go to hardware store and buy a small brass nipple with a threaded end. And drill the cap and screw it in there.

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What would MacGyver do? 


He would get some duct tape, a drinking straw, and a Swiss Army Knife and make the best damn vent hose you have ever seen.


Seriously though...I think this would be an easy hardware store fix until you get a new cap.

I'd imagine theres a plumbing fitting you could use along with silicone till you get a new one. I'd love to see a garden hose on the sucker.

Drill and tap it with small threaded fitting from any hardware store.. should be fine. 

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll head out tonight to look for a temp nipple.

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