06 clunking forks

i have a 06 450 that developed a clunking noise in the forks.i tore them apart thinking something had came apart or loosened but found nothing wrong.so rebuilt them thinking maybe it was the bushings. new bushing o-rings seals . rode it after rebuild 35 45 minutes same noise bleed out air quit clunking for few minutes then clunking again . anyway is  there a fix  to this it is very  detracting.

Sounds silly but have you checked the steering-head bearings or wheel bearings e.c.t?

yes checked all that. i searched previous post clunkingforks fund a post from wrennch in june 2012 with 14 replies sounded like something with rebound valve  but nobody said how to fix the problem.

When you tore them apart, to what extent did you do that?

completely to install new bushings ,o-rings seals.

I'd guess something is damaged involving the base valve assembly, such as the free pistons. Or else one of the main spring support brackets is damaged.

i saw nothing wrong internally, bushings slightly wore the coating on them other than that i saw nothing wore or broke. i will take them apart again  when i get time and look them over again.

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