08 yz450 only 4 gears?

Ken is ktm. Damn auto correct

Ok so trip out on this!! Iike i said i put it on the stand. Went through the gears. It went into 5th gear. So i figured what the hell ill take it for a ride. Went through all the gears 1 through 5 about 15 times no problem. What the hell??? What was keepin it from going into 5th? All i did was run it through the gears on the stand and now it works like a champ. But now im trippen that there might be something floatin around in there that might mess things up.

My rmz 250 did that. Take apart your clutch cover and basket out. Get a manual. There should be what looks like a washer holding the shift drum into place. On my rmz I ignored it cause I was racing arenacross and didn't need 4-5th gear. It knocked a hole in my case. I would check the shift drum to be assembled right before I broke the bike down

It would be a good idea to have a look in the right side of the engine to see if anything has fallen out of place and might be wandering around in your engine looking for trouble.  You can go fishing in the actual crankcase/transmission area by removing the left side cover and working through the port behind/below the flywheel.

Nearly any Yamaha service advisor could look up vin status and get the engine number. They may or may not for you but they can so it. Any tech with a login can also look it up.

Street legal bikes have a engine serial number that matches the vin. For off-road bikes, atv's, and watercraft- basically anything not street legal just has a serial number. Not too sure why they do this.

Nearly any Yamaha service advisor could look up vin status and get the engine number.



You have it in the order of looking up the VIN to find the engine number.  Can it be done the other way around to determine the origins of an engine when the original VIN may not be known? 

Yes you can. Even though there is no specific year digit in the engine serial number like the 10th digit of the VIN, it will tell you the year of the engine.

It would be nice if there was a year digit but it just uses the whole code as a sequence number. The program then tells you the year from that sequence number.

Thanks.  I'm sure someone will find that useful in the future.  The question does come up now and then.

I have a feeling (don't know if this was previously mentioned) that something was being lodged between the shift cam and case preventing it to shift? Or the canals on the shift cam may have had debris in them preventing the forks from sliding all the way to 5th. Have you done an oil change? I think the previous owner is hiding something

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