03 xr250 seat questions

First,is an 03  xr250r seat the same as an xr400 seat? Will one bolt on the other?

2nd,I have very bad knees,they don't bend much,or for long,old racing injuries,been bad for 40 years. When I go up a really steep,slow hill on the 250 I tend to slide back on seat,then have to shut off momentarily to get front end back down. This of course causes issues,losing momentum,gassing it again,then wheely and either shut off and go back down hill,stall and cuss,or go over backwards/sideways and roll down hill either near,behind,in front of,in back of,or the worst case,under bike!!! Or like last crash,bike was upside down on side of hill,when I tried to tip it back on wheels it got away from me and pinched my knee between it and a tree,not a pretty,or painless move!Cuss more! Would a tall seat and gripper seat cover help? I have tusk bar risers on,rotated 45 degrees forward with stock bars. xr400 re-valved front end,stock rear shock.I am 6-1,250 lbs.but have tall upper body and short legs,not a great combination,thank you God! I have a lot of experience,scrambles,mx,ice racing,enduros,flattrack,so I am not new at this. I have not had a trail bike in 20 years,last one was an atk framed xr600.Not sure if its the seat cover[stock] seating position of the xr,or just my inability to keep knees bent,sucks to get old,but don't want to quit riding because I have this issue. Thanks for any insight,and sure you'll all get a couple of chuckles out of my story. LOL

Yeah man by the end of that post I was thinking about stretching my legs and drinking some strong juniper tea and a little whiskey.

Yes those seats are the same and interchangeable and those gripper seats will help hold you in place a little better than the stock leather cover for sure, just keep your belt tight.

+1 what Williams25r said.  The gripper seat helps a LOT, but because the seat slopes up the gas tank so much, it's still really hard to stay up on the seat when climbing steep stuff.  If I ever re-do my seat again, I would add a bump in the seat behind my ass like a lot of the new motocross bikes have.

The higher your bars are,the more the bike will lift the front wheel.On slow steep hill climbs,if your tall,yes you need high bars.Not too high tho.The seating position on the xr250,will play havoc on your knees big time.Tall/ gripper seat will help.We have one xr250 the past owner relocated the pegs.They are lower,and moved back small amount.I think it helps.I only like riding my Xr300 for day rides because of this.For many days in the saddle,Xr4/wr450  much better seat to pegs.For big guys,or long rides.

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