Looking for an autoclutch for a KDX220R

Like the title says, I'm just fishing around to see if anyone has an Auto clutch to fit a 2000 KDX220R laying around they would want to sell. Let me know. Thanks

EFM is your only option I do believe as Revloc went out of business. Rekluse does not make one for that bike. EFM costs about 750 and you can not go back to a stock setup after he modifies the basket and pressure hub without buying all new parts. With the EFM, you will not have a clutch lever either so setup is critical.

Little Jeff

I would get the EFM over the Revloc. Have known way to many people with the Revloc's and they just didn't work very well and always fiddling with it. Maybe a different gear oil would make it work better, I do not know. I love my EFM, works great.

Little Jeff

I have the Revloc. I like being able to override the autoclutch and having bump start capability which I know you lose with the EFM. Initial tuning took a bit, since mine was only the second one made for the E-series, but it works great. Don't get me wrong, the EFM is a quality piece and I will probably end up with one on my KDX250, but I would prefer the Revloc or Rekluse EXP if they were available for the reasons mentioned above.

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