XR650L - riding today (road) and started idling approx 2500rpms

Hi Guys,


I bought a 2006 XR650L and it had about 5600 mi's on it.  I put almost 200 already on her, road riding.  Today she started idling very high and then I would ride for a mile or so, come to a stop and the idle would go way down (almost try and die),  I would give it the ever so slightest amount of throttle to keep her from dying and then the idle would jump back up to 2500, the throttle response seemed high while under way and seemed to work on the upper end. 


Any suggestions where I can start?


Things I have checked - downloaded a shop manual for pics of the carb so I can know whats what.


- bottom drain line off of carb had a little gas in it when I touched it with my finger tip

- Other train lines or what they call breather tube seems okay (open on the end).

- All of the cables and the needles are tight (I can see it on the bottom of the carb). 

- it was about 40 degrees today ... could have affect it?  I am in Utah, live on a hill and regularly drive down into the valley, seems okay though, has been running perfectly.






This is happening after the engine is at full temperature?


Maybe a a throttle cable binding or pinched?

It could also be an air leak between the carburetor and the engine.

Check the throttle cables as mentioned. If the throttle is moving freely clean the carb. Could be a partial blockage of the pilot jet.

Hi, if this persist and you are running the stock carb , remove the carb and check the piston is going home fully. Hold your finger on the slide when it's home and try turning the throttle body , if you have any play like mine did chances are it's play on the throttle body shaft , mine wouldn't idle down for about 15 seconds , took ages to find played with the cables and throttle .....hope you sort it soon . Cheers roger

I believe 'heart of darkness' had it correct.  It only happened on one ride, somehow I must have had a pinched or cable being bound up somehow.  It has not done it since and has been running like a champ.  I have over 100mi's on it since this originally occurred.

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