Exhaust pipe help

I have a 1985 Kx500 sitting in a 2010 QRC Outlaw kart. In my last race the exhaust pipe broke. Anyone have any suggestions on what to put on there now? I know Banke Pipe Works is real popular but idk what adapter i'd need?


How did it break? Can you give pics?

Yeah what happened to your pipe?  Is it totally destroyed? 


There are people out there that can fix most anything so your pipe can probably be repaired.


Other then that I would say just search eBay and see what you find.  I doubt any companies still make a pipe for that bike (could be wrong). 

Well it broke off completely like 8 inches from where it goes into the motor. That section we never recovered after the race so I would say its time to retire this pipe. I seen that FMF Gnarley pipes are made for 88 Kx500 not too sure if it would mount up the same though...

Doubt it would mount up the same but you could probably make it work. 

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