Got "new" 02 wr426-anything to watch for?

Just picked up a leftover 426 and was just wondering if there is anything in particular to watch out for with this model? Not into mods too much-just removed the exhaust plug (for Hare Scrambles), got the Zip-Ty fuel mixture screw and the Terrycable hot-start. The stock jetting seems to be fine for the lack of engine mods,(anyone leave their jetting stock?) Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Check the tech articles in Motomans site, great info. The throttle stop is a must. Have fun.

I am running stock jetting with FMF pipe, airbox lid off, grey wire pulled, yz throttle stop. I have never been left wanting in the power department.

Please though, do yourself and the rest of us a favor, and either buy a decent pipe for that bike, or at the very least a good tip (gytr or whatever). You WILL piss people off with that uncorked stock pipe.

Thanks all. I think I will order an insert for the pipe-WAY TOO LOUD! Did the throttle stop, put on some moose bark busters and a set of Renthals, pretty much ready to go now-if it ever warms up!!!

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