Loretta Lynn's----Vet Racing: 250f or 450f?

Would like to go to Loretta's in the next couple of years, in either the 45+ or 50+ classes.  Anyone here think that a 250f is viable, or do you really need a 450 at LL's? 


Any advice is appreciated.


Never raced LL but I really think 450s are overrated. Chad Reed said it best a couple weeks ago, 450s are easy to ride but hard to race. I have watched a lot of our local riders drop back from 350/450s to 250fs and a few on 250 2t. I have always thought 250fs as great race machines if you weigh under 180lbs......The lighter the better...

I heard that comment.  I'm on a YZ250, but in the last year or two I've gotten the bug to get back on a 4 stroke.  A 450 would be good for our southern qualifiers which are fairly big and open tracks (Mill Creek, Monster Mountain, and Aonia Pass this year).  But Loretta's is relatively tight, rutted, and rough.  A 250F might be fine once you get to the Ranch.


I haven't been on a 250f since 2006.  Are they A LOT faster now?  Or is the improvement effectively just marginal?

The 250f of today is not the same of 250fs of 2006....

Monster mountain has some seriously big jumps and some steep uphills. I could see a 450 or heck even a well set up 500 being useful there, i know my 250f seemed like bringing a knife to that tracks gun fight,

It really depends on your ability as well as the type of track. A pro level rider even vet might be at a disadvantage on a 250f in a sea of 450's. But if you are in lower classes I think a 250f makes plenty of power. I race over 40 intermediate and think a 250f is perfect for most situations. I bought a 350 last year and it really is right between the 250 and 450. I love my 350, That being said I am thinking about a 250f for racing. Wish I could justify a second bike right now but I can't and I don't want to sell my 350. Good luck

Yeah , a well set up 250 would be :thumbsup:

Thanks guys.  Awesome avatar Chooken.  

I've been on a YZ250 2T for a couple of years now.  Ready to go back to 4T.


 Also, I really only need one bike for  myself.  It's become too much to maintain the stable-------we also have two KX65s, a KLX110, PW50, and a Razor electric dirt bike (yeah I count that----cool little neighborhood bike).  So, one bike for me.  But it would be cool to have both practice and race bikes.  

Anyone else have an opinion, 250F or 450F for Loretta Lynn's?

Its really entirely up to you and your preference.  I personally get along much better on 250f's and even 250 2 strokes better than 450s.  Im probably faster on most tracks even on a 125 than a 450. 


If you like the smaller bore bikes better but are still torn, maybe a 350sxf is in your future.  Or possibly a oversized 250f a cammed 270 kit will make substantial gains bottom to top and isn't much of an investment.  A good bore kit with new cylinder is like 400 bucks and a good set of cams is 2-400 as well.  Figure 6-800 dollars and pick up serious power, some dyno's have shown 4-7hp at some parts of the curve.   


If I was in your situation with knowing my riding style and preference I would be building a 250f up.  

The 350sxf just might be the ticket. 

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