New bike suggestions?

So currently I have a kx 250 that I trail ride and race hare scrambles on and anyhow I have the plans of getting a new bike in a couple months and I'm stuck between a newer 250 2 stroke, 250f or 450. Now I'm a small guy only weighing 134lbs and I'm about 5,10 yet I can ride real good, anyways I can throw the 250 great around the woods and I'm kinda worried that coming off that to a 250f that it won't have enough power to please me. I also am aware I'm very small for a 450 especially when it comes to the woods but that's where your opinions come in! Haha any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated

~ride or die~



That's a happy medium.

A 06+ YZ 250 would be a great bike. It's definitely a step up from your KX 250. That's what I'd do.

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