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2007 WR250F - Spring Rates

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Hello all,


I have a WR250F with about 3,500 kms on it.  To my knowledge, the forks and shock have never been serviced.  I'm going to take them in shortly, but I was wondering about getting heavier springs in both the forks and shock while I'm at it because I am finding the suspension to be quite soft on the track.  I ride a mix of track and trail, but I find the forks in particular bottom on jumps fairly often.  I weigh about 180 lbs without gear.  Is this bike known to be sprung a bit soft from the factory?  I realize that woods/trail bikes are a bit software, but I don't really have a frame of reference for that because this is the first dirt bike I've owned in many years.  A lot of street bikes come from the factory sprung for a 150 lb rider and the suspension needs work if you weigh more than that.  Don't know about dirt bikes though.  Any info is appreciated.



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