Slip on exhausts

Sorry, im not sure if this is the right spot on the forum to ask this question

Do slip on exhausts really change a bike that much?? So many people get different exhausts for there bike and im not sure if i should put the money in and do so myself. What does a different exhaust do different than the bikes stock exhausts?



Slip-on exhaust is going to do VERY little for power.  It will make the bike louder but that's about it.  If you want more power you get a full exhaust system.  A full exhaust system includes the muffler and a new head pipe.  Not all systems are created equal.  What bike do you have?  Also just a heads up but if your bike is carbureted you should re-jet the carb if you install a aftermarket full exhaust system.

Can I assume that most of these slip on exhausts such as a fella might find for a Honda xr 650 do not require a change of jetting?

I have a beat up stock exhaust with a big old spark arrestor that needs to be replaced [ badly damaged] but dont really care much for a performance advantage. A louder pipe would be better for traffic to be heard and if Im thinking right probiably cheaper than finding the stock, rather huge and heavy stock tail piece.

The main reason I change the silencer on my 2 stroke is to add a spark arrestor to be legal on public trails. I don't like the hideous add on spark arrestors so I run fmf turbine core 2.

Go full or don't go at all. The only way you should have a slip on is because your stock silencer was damaged and it's cheaper to buy an oem replacement.

Restive mufflers like a wr250r really choke down the power. A slip on there absolutely adds low end.

I had an 07 yz450. It came stock with a quiet, for a moto bike, muffler. Many swapped it out for a slip on. Not me.

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