09 yz250f - 04 yz250 front and rear suspension swap ?'s

I've got an '09 yz250f that I just had the suspension set up on, 22.5 mm offset clamps, fresh tires etc.  Its a low hour tight bike.  I have someone who is willing to trade me an '04 yz250 two stroke.  I want the two stroke bad for the fun factor, easy to maintain and I love the power and handling from them. 


My question is what can I swap from the bikes before we trade?  He's willing to let me swap whatever I want so I wanted to do the whole shebang


Front end complete forks, triple clamps, wheel, bars, brakes etc


All that shouldn't be an issue at all.


The rear end is where Im unsure,  I want the rear shock at a minimum, but would love the swingarm, shock and complete rear wheel if possible.  Will it all swap over as long as we use all of the parts together? 


Both bikes are complete and in good shape.  Im super pumped on this little project, will feel great to be back on a 2 stroke without giving up all my low hour parts and upgrades.  Things like the chain, sprocket, tires, grips, levers, bars, oversized rotor etc are all small but add up and I'd hate to start over.


I really hope it all swaps over.  I know the triple clamps fit but the steering stops need to be modified if swapping clamps but that wont be an issue. 



The rear end is where Im unsure,  I want the rear shock at a minimum, but would love the swingarm, shock and complete rear wheel if possible.  Will it all swap over as long as we use all of the parts together? 


I've never seen 17D swing arm on a steel frame YZ. It sounds interesting. I'll try to think about it can be or not.


I checked some parts in my garage and online parts list. I found there is one problem. 

Inner and outer diameter of 5NY(steel frame YZ) and 17D(09-YZ250F) connecting rod collars are different each other. They are 16mm/20mm and 14mm/21mm.

It means 17D swing arm can't be accept on 04 steel frame as it is.


But, 17D and 5NY outer diameter of bearings and oil seals are both 27mm.




collar   : ID/OD=16mm/20mm(90387-167Y9)

oil seal : ID/OD=20mm/27mm(93109-20076)

bearing: ID/OD=20mm/27mm(93315-32053)




collar   : ID/OD=14mm/21mm(90387-14016)

oil seal : ID/OD=21mm/27mm(93109-21001)

bearing: ID/OD=21mm/27mm(93315-32166)


To replace 17D oil seals and bearings with 5NY oil seals and bearings on 17D connecting rod, it seems to solve this problem.

17D connecting rod with 5NY oil seals and bearings can accept 5NY connecting rod collar. And it enables 17D swing arm on 04 steel frame.


Of course I cannot guarantee it. I may be overlooking something. Please confirm it by yourself. :)  

Edited by kmtr

the yz250f forks are about 1/2 inch shorter, the 250f steering stem is probably shorter also, easy to swap between the clamps though.  there are a bunch of threads to search....

I did my share of searching, problem is the majority of threads are aluminium frame guys wanting sss or the 09 swingarm i haven't found much more than is already in this thread regarding the steelie.

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