NX650 Dommie got stumble off idle

1990 model with CV carb has stumble off idle, occasionally stalling when trying to pull away from lights.

Dont know a thing about CVs,, never had one before.

  Winding the idle up to 1500rpm seems to get rid of most of the prob, temporarily.

     Runs/starts really well other than the stumble.

  Easy adjustment??

        Cheers in advance, Muzz

Don't know Muzz,,The NX being the same as the 650L maybe you should do "Daves Mod" on it with the carb.


I also wonder whether it might not be something to do with the auto decomp on the cam..They get a bit flogged out

and start producing stalling or the like..Read below,,More to do with the XR600 but possible the same thing happens

with the NX and 650L




Suppose dumping the CV and putting an FCR carb on wouldn't go amiss on the thing either..

May be able to offer you a deal on a 39mm from a KXF 250 Kwaka if you're interested..

Be cheaper than those FCRs on T/M all the time..Mostly a fair bit overpriced the T/M ones..

Some people on T/M never seem to want to "meet the market" and there stuff sits there collecting dust for years..

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Thanks Reg,, OP says the decomp has been removed. Meybe I should pop the valve cover off and see if it's visible?

   FCR is a definate in the future, might do it in the winter. Whats needed in the manifold/boot department?



Don't think you need to do anything to the boot..It supposedly being the same as the 650L..

Think it may need some sort of adapter between the boot and the airbox to make it reach the airbox hose.

I just used a piece of rubber pipe I got from "Wodger the wrecker" which came from an XT660 Yamaha to cover that problem on my 600..

Deals there if you want it sometime..Carbs not going anywhere..I purchased it just to get the hotstart

knob  off it as the carb was priced lower or fractionally more than the actual hotsart knob from Honda or Kwaka so I purchased the

entire carb just to get it..She's sitting in a box in storage..


Not to sure if you'd have an issue with the gas tank hitting the carb on a dommi..them having a different setup than the 650L

in that department..

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