2012 xc 300 compresion relese to help out that wimpie starter

has any one tried putting a compression release in an 08/14 style 300sx head? I know I could get a newer starter and have a little more cranking power and I know I could rebuild or replace the existing one.

I find my self thinking that these just don't measure up and I just got a 14 300sx head and I'm going to try a remote bar operated comp release to see how a dogged out starter crank's it with lower compression on a 2012 xc-w

if nothing else but a better head on the bike happens I'm good with that but I'm hoping for easy starting all the time any time hot or cold.

does any one have any positive or constructive thoughts on this?

I put in a battery with more cranking amps. It just barely fits in the battery box but man what a difference. I was about to take the damn starter off because of the poor starting until I switched batts. I have a '12 300XC and have never serviced the starter.  with the new batt it fires up with no problems even when cold.  One revolution of the starter gear and the motor is running.  I also have the SX head installed

do you have lots of hrs on your bike or is it still fresh?

lots of hours...but a fresh top end

I bought it new in October of 2011

even with a new battery and a warm motor and xc-w head this starter has always been kind of lame and I know of others that suck pretty bad

You could always go with the '13 starter. My 13 300XC with a Shorai battery fires the instant I touch the button. I have a 250SX head installed on the bike as well. Even bone cold I've accidentally bumped the starter button with my arm and the bike fired up. I also pulled my starter apart and greased it all with Bel-Ray waterproof grease. That was a huge improvement! Starts easier than it did brand new.

this one has been all cleaned up and greased

Buying the newer starter will probably be cheaper in the long run. You just have to figure out how much the decompressor will cost and all the labor and such to get it installed. 

Yes, "buy the newer starter" ~ made all the difference on my '12 300.

Yup, KTM beefed up the starter in 2013. The bikes already have an auto decompression to assist in starting. You aren't going to improve upon that. A wise man once said... Listen to me young grasshopper".... ;-)

I was very unimpressed with the starting on my 2012 300 XC.  So I dug into it one weekend, greased everything, did the Slavens ATF mod with breather then topped it off with the 210 CCA Shorai battery.  It is much better.  Turns over faster and engages properly.  It might take a ride to "set in", but I am quite happy with it for now.  I might spring for the 2013 starter if there is every an issue again though.

I did put in a new battery 2 months ago and it wasn't starting it then but now it starts good maybe that battery didn't like the cold? or more riding and the battery is fully charged? grease in the starter area is more pliable when warm? . well now i'll see if it will still crank it over with the sxs head on .

I put a new stator in my bike and it made a world of difference... Plus let me run some pretty wild lights.

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