Bet you'll never see one like this...

Yea its a mid 80's dr250 , spent a few hours in the shed lately ! Steve in oz






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she looks factory original  :thumbsup:

Looks amazing  :ride:

Looks like the tanks is from a JR50 :thumbsup:



List of mods so far goes - 89' cr125 forks .46 springs ,kx clamps , 83 rm250 shock with shortened wr400 shaft, seal head and valving , modified linkages , 82' rm125 tank sits over twin oil coolers , 89rm rear assy , engine sleeved to 307cc with 12.5 comp , 37 mm fcr carb and custom ex system . Goes and jumps really well but could use more power as still has stock valves and cam ! If anyone has any pull with web camshafts i'd love some help as i can't seem to get in contact with them from down under !?

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can you ship that over to my house? i want to ride that bike badly

I smile every time i ride it. Raced it recently and surprised myself and embarrassed some big dollar big bores.


It's Good :thumbsup:

If you can get the 81-83 rm125 radiator shrouds on there, it would look like an early 80's works bike!

Been thinkin about that , or maybe black metal ones like 84 cr500...

I like seeing something different and that is different for sure,you have a very good looking bike that is extremely unique.Good job !! 

Thanks Allen , its funny telling people i race a dr250 :)

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