2010 YZ450f Clutch Issues?

The bike starts in neutral with no problems. With the bike running on a stand I can pull in the clutch and kick it down in first gear and as soon as I kick it down in gear the back tire spins with the clutch pulled in. If this is done with the bike on the ground it will go dead. It is very hard to get into neutral with the bike running or with the bike shut off. After I finally get it into neutral and start the bike again I can kick it down into first gear and the back tire doesnt spin. It only spins the first time. It is still very hard to get into neutral. I have adjusted the clutch cable every way possible, I have replaced all the clutch plates with EBC, I have inspected the clutch basket and it doesnt have a nicks or notches. Everything was torqed back to factory specs when I installed everything. I also change the oil religiously. Im hoping there isnt a binding gear in the transmission. Any help will be appreciated.

The EBC plate set is part of the problem.  The linings are "spongy" when new, and tend to drag a lot until they get used a little. 


As you installed the clutch, I assume that you either did not remove the clutch boss (hub), or that you checked it after you reinstalled it to verify that it turned freely independent of the basket. 


Clutch drag is caused by warped plates, notched boss splines or basket fingers, unevenly settled springs, or improper adjustment.  And by the wrong linings, as noted.  At this point, adjust the cable for a minimum amount of free play, and take it out and run it for a while, see if it wears in.

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