Need Help. 2001 YZ 125 Shock Bearings Dont Fit.

Hey all, I'm rebuilding the 2001 YZ125 I bought recently. There was a ton of play in the swingarm and linkage so I decided to replace all the bearings, only problem is, the bearings don't fit. The only think I can think is that I have I different shock in the my 2001 frame. Anyone have any thoughts?


photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

These pictures are of the upper bearing that was sent to me, against the upper bearing that is in there. There is no amount of heating or freezing that would get this bearing in there . . .


photo 3.JPG


This is the lower shock bearing against the upper shock bearing hole . . . seems like it would fit perfectly.


photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG


These last two show the lower shock bearing that was sent to me vs. the one in there, there is way too much room for the one sent to me as you can see.


Any ideas? Do I have a completely different year shock in my bike, and if so which one? Any help is appreciated.



OEM bearing or aftermarket?

I dont have a solution, but Im having the same problem so I thought I could help with what Ive learned so far.


I bought a 2006 YZ250 with an unknown history and some parts of it have been pretty well neglected. Im trying to square it away.


I too ordered a lower shock bearing after finding this junction very loose. The All Balls lower bearing kit shows fitment of 2001-2014 YZ's. My problem is Identical to yours. The OD of the new bearing is way smaller than the old bearing, and obviously of the ID of the lower shock. I also have an 06 125, without taking measurements, the shocks look very much the same. My first thoughts were maybe someone put an ebay special on there from the 90's?? I took measurements of both lower bearings that I have but do not have them in front of me at the moment.


Id love some help on this as well. I may just have to try to get a dimensional bearing from a bearing shop.

aclimbatize, are you sure your bike is an '01 and not a '00?  They are very similar visually, but it might explain you shock bearing issue

Well, honestly, I think this is a Frankenbike. I checked the VIN and the frame seems to be an '01 based on the things I've read, but the engine is a 5-speed which I know were '02-'04, the linkage has threads where the bolt goes through the bottom shock bearing like '01 and earlier bikes, and the bearings look nothing like the ones pictured in the manual or parts fiches for an '01 or later. I ordered a set of '00 upper and lower bearings . . . we will see how that works out I guess. I'll update here when I get them in hopefully later this week.


I also managed to completely hose the dogbone section of the linkage trying to get out seized bearings so I ordered a new one off ebay (with no bearings in it, easier to press new ones in then get out seized older ones).


Been an interesting project so far can't wait to get everything back together and finally ride!

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