Front Wheel Friction

Hi All,


The front wheel on my KTM 250 EXC is rubbing when I give it a spin while it’s on the stand. It’s not an intermittent rubbing sound as if the rotor was warped and it’s not enough to stop the wheel after only 1 or 2 revolutions. It’s just a constant high-pitched rubbing sound as the wheel spins around.


I've bled the brakes and taken the caliper off and cleaned everything really well. While I had the front brake taken apart, I also checked that the pads are able to slide back and forth with no issues. 


Maybe it’s just  my inexperience, but I’m thinking that the front wheel of a dirt bike should spin freely, like it does on a pedal bike. Is this not the case?


Any feedback will be appreciated.




Some of mine feel like that to how old is your bike? I would assume you've been washing the he'll out of it.

Well since you didn't get back to me yes it should spin freely. I have two 13s one is ktm 250sx not many hours the other is RMZ 450 low hours.

Ktm spins nice rmz spins but not like the ktm. I'm not worried I think it's fine might be because brake pads haven't wore down enough.

Change your wheel bearings.

Change your wheel bearings.


This   :thumbsup:


And yes, it should spin freely.

On my RMZ the bike only has 5hrs tops on it you think that it needs wheel bearings ? It spins but not as free as the ktm it spins coupled times and that's it I took it as maybe front brake haven't wore pads enough but the ktm is new as well. Do you think I could just grease it?

My KTM is a 2003. My pads are brand new as well. I thought the same thing - maybe they just aren't worn down enough. Something tells me this isn't the case though. 


Someone mentioned that I could take the plastic pistons out of the caliper and grease them, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea or what kind of grease to use if I did. Apparently there are some seals behind the pistons as well; not sure if those seals being bad would cause the issue I'm having or not. 

Like I said above mines not on my ktm, it's on the rmz.

I wouldn't think it's the caliper I was thinking about hearing so much talk that new bikes need to be greased

When you get them which for the money we spend on these bikes they would come greased when you get them.

Getting back to the front wheel I'm going to take it apart and grease what ever looks like it could use some.

Does your brake feel ok at the lever?

A fellow member told me how to reverse bleed it.....

If you need that info let me know I'll

Be glad to help.

brakes do drag slightly, but should spin for several rotations. I wouldnt worry about it. KTMs do have bearing issues tho so maybe take the wheel off and feel them by hand.

It should spin freely you have to remember a lot of the terrain you ride on all that nearly shit gets into everywhere on and inside the bikes even the so called sealed stuff like bearings. If you use power washer you can not only wash out the grease you can spray dirt into the bearings if you

Spray high pressure at the axial bearings.

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