Wet feet

Spring is here , as is rain , mud , and slop . What is your best setup for keeping your feet fry in mx boots? I wear seal skinz,but i dont like those tightass things . And other workable cures for wet feet?

Feet fry

Get wet. Take home and put them on a boot dryer.

Unfortunately I get wet feet and don't know how to solve it. But fortunately I live in a warm climate where it doesn't matter.


Have you tried water repellent on the boots etc? (I suspect you probably would have, and its not gunna help in puddles/crossings)

Sno seal rubbed into leather helps but doesn't solve

I have socks called seal skinz , they are waterproof , have to wear tube socks under them and those things are tight ! goretex socks would be nice.

When it's cold I wear a pair of neoprene socks.  They'll still leak some, but they'll keep your feet warm.  If it's mid-temp levels I'll just wear a thin pair of wool hiking socks.  Wool doesn't feel so nasty when it's wet like cotton does.

The easiest old school method is bread bags. Put on your sox then the bread bag then the boot.  My feet come out dry even here in the NW.

The easiest old school method is bread bags. Put on your sox then the bread bag then the boot. My feet come out dry even here in the NW.

+1 on that works great for me


Gore-Tex socks.

Just wear warm socks and let your feet get wet. I have tried every method listed here and my feet still get wet in the winter, whether its from the puddles, snow, rain, or sweat. As long as my feet are warm they are fine.

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Ride with your feet up? Or bread bags. Maybe some tape to prevent the water from entering?

Ive been riding since 1974, and i am not ashamed to say , i hate getting my feet wet , never did , never will , heck , i wear rocky miners boots, i can stand in ankle deep water all day and my feet wont get wet, even walmart boots can be had that are waterproof , but $300 riding boots are a sponge. Must be designed for west coasters.

There's a new product from rustoleum, called never wet. Maybe check out YouTube video before trying.

I try to avoid water at all cost, not because of my feet or gear, but because I just don't like my bike getting wet.  But if I know I'll be jet skiing my bike on any given day, what I do is just take a bar of soap, break it in half, put each half into both boots and get my bang that way.  At least when I take off my boots, my feet are squeaky clean. :prof: I'm a desert rat. If I ever do find a pond of water out in the desert, I try to avoid it in fear it might be a flooded mine shaft. :devil:

SIDI Crossfires and OTB pants work pretty well for me.

Head back to base, dump the water out of your boots and put on dry socks...here's a pic I took of the "sock tally" from riding last Tuesday with my two girls, 9 + 12.....and a few water hazards we encountered!






The boys out here in the wet pacific northwest have all discovered........that you will just get your feet wet.  It helps a lot to wear over the boot pants, as well as gore tex socks.  Bread/newspaper bags if you want, but just keep 'em warm and like we do, you get used to it. I would rather ride and get feet wet.....then NOT ride so you just "d it" as Nike says :thumbsup:



The bread sacks make your feet perspire profusely and become wet anyway. The skin God gave you does a pretty good job of resisting water. Get you a quad so you can wear chest waders to not only keep you feet dry but also your candy a$$.

Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Don't have to worry about that. When water sees my 300RE coming it gets out of my way and how. Just like Pakistanis running from a US drone. :lol:












Dump water from boot!

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