dies as soon as i shift to 1st gear. Please help!

2000 yz 125 dies as soon as i shift to first gear...its like im green horning it but it does it before i even let out the clutch.

clutch dragging? try reving it when you shift into gear. WTF is green horning?

green horning is when you're pulling out and you let out the clutch too fast and it dies.


Maybe adjust the play in your clutch cable. Try starting on a hill, get a rolling start and put it in gear. with the clutch in give it a little gas, if the bike still wants to accelerate, you either need to adjust your clutch or replace it.

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The last time you rode it, was it hard to shift or get in to neutral while stopped?

I've never rode it before. I just bought it, put new piston and ring in, rebuilt the carb and changed water pump seals.

Take the clutch cover off and look at the basket. I'd bet it's really notched.




When I had it off I don't remember it looking like that

i guess i also should have mentioned that this bike has set for about 8 years or so before I got it.

If it runs fine and dies as soon as you shift to first with the clutch still fully pulled in it I would think it has to be a clutch issue.

Try this - open the oil filler and look down there. Can you see the clutch basket? Is it notched like the above used and abused basket?

If it's been sitting for so long, you might want to run some kerosine in the tranny - Warm the engine, drop the oil, put half a quart of that stuff in there, start it up and let it run for about a minute. Drop it, put crappy oil in there and ride it for a few minutes going through all the gears. Replace with more crappy oil...do it till it's all nice and clean.

Option 2 - Take clutch cover off, take clutch plates out, check for warpage, if warped, replace. Go ride.

clutch basket is fine. just took the cover off. guess ill take all the plates out and hope I don't screw it up.

If it sat for that long, the plates may be stuck together.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395417541.863703.jpg

No clue what this is but behind that nut but on the left side it's bent up against it. Don't have a socket big enough to fit that nut either so I'm sol

Defiantly no grooves in the basket

:lol: That's a retaining washer, it keeps the nut from spinning. You shouldn't need to take that off. Post some pictures of the basket, inner hub and clutch plates.




Also, I'd get a manual...

Clutch plates don't seem warped

I have a manual downloaded.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395418399.470457.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395418423.338986.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395418448.755376.jpg

Should I clean the oil off the clutch plates before I put them back in?

In your second photo, your basket is notched pretty bad. Maybe time for a new one. Post a pic of your plates too.

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