Economic restoration CR250 -01

Just wanted to show you what a bike could look like after it have been taken apart and beeing soaped. The bike has 5 to 6 year old plastic on it!


The things I did put my money into was swingarm berings, linkage bearings, wheel bearings, water resistent grease, mos2 grease, 60$ for a decal set from ebay, oil and restoring the forks and more!


And time, time, time to clean of about 10kg of dirt atleast!!!!!





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I'm can't tell what's going on with your front brake line, but somethings funky there. Nice job on the bike though, looks very good

A Budget Build, I like it!


Looks like the front brake line is too long.  Is that an old style yamaha line or something?


I assume you will spend some time on that pipe.  I'd get a black mud flap for the airbox but thats just my preference.


Well done sir!  :thumbsup:

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