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06 DRZ110 falls off up top

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Hey all!  I've been battling this beast since we purchased it 3 years ago trying things in stages to see if any resuts have been achieved.  Here's the trouble - when revving the motor its great to 1/2 throttle, but once I go wide open on the throttle it pops, bogs (I can see little flame puffs from the exhaust when this happens) and almost sounds like a rev limiter - just sounds like incorrect main jet at first listen.  I have a LeoVince exhaust on it, same results with the OEM and BBR rev box.  I've done main jets from 2 sizes smaller than stock to 7 sizes larger and still have the same main result (aside from worese running conditions at 1/2 throttle with jets that were too small).  I even bought a brand new mikuni 24mm carb that I retrofitted and played with to see if maybe there was a passageway in the OEM carb that wasnt getting cleaned from numerous overnight dips in the Berryman bucket.  Same results up top.  I changed to a new spark plug, pulled the wire end off of the wire that plugs onto spark plug, cut 1/4" off of it and resrewed the end on to it for a fresh connection.  Moved all of the grounds for the wire harness to one location on the frame (coil mount bolt) and scraped the frame for bare metal in that location.  I pulled the generator cover to inspect and there's no adjustment for the rotor.  Everything looks good visually.  Bike does have a "bump start" kit on it, and I even tried bypassing that and the kill switch to see if there was something causing trouble there - no change.  My last couple of things to try are to do a valve check/adjustment, meter the coil and igniter (they pass fine on a bench test but I haven't metered them while in use and am not sure what readings I should be seeing under load/high RPMs).  I've pulled all of the connectors and made sure connections are tight and not corroded.  If only I had a "donor" bike to borrow parts from to do a quick comparison test...  If anyone has had anything like this go on with their 110 and had a fix I'm all ears!  I'm reluctant to buy a coil and/or igniter without knowing it's the culprit since they're the priciest part of the ignition system.  Any input appreciated!  Thanks in advance :)

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