Brake rotor issue

I got a 96 rear rim for my 96 cr125 and the brake rotor is to big in diameter so the axle won't go through the caliper bracket... Do different years have smaller diameter rotors or even one from a different model??? Help

??? More explanation needed.

Ok just realized the rim is off a 98 not the 96 I was told. The rotor is 240mm and when it's on the rim the caliper brack won't line up for the axle to go through. I need a smaller bracket but I don't know what year I should be looking for

Just looked up some aftermarket rear rotors for CR125/250. Here are the applications, you can tell what year a change was made to the brakes.




My guess would be you just need to put a 96 rotor on your 98 wheel, or get the 98 caliper bracket

Dont take my word as fact though lol, I always use the OEM parts microfiche's to cross-check part numbers. looking up the hubs and calipers / brackets should tell you what was changed

87-97 cr125, 220 mm

98-07 cr125, 240mm

87-96 cr250, 220mm

97-07 cr250, 240mm

87-01 cr500, 220mm

You could easily upgrade your rear rotor on your 96 with a 97-99 cr250 caliper bracket, or 98-99 cr125 caliper bracket.

Direct bolt on.

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