1993 ktm 300 exc no spark! help

bike ran had spark i changed low ends used same stator and fly wheel and i have no spark didnt touch anything how do i test stator?

I have the same problem but with my 93 KTM 250 I've tested all my electrical and it lost all power at the hpi what you spark comes out of this is the replacement part http://www.hpi.be/sem.php

Pretty sure those year bikes have the SEM ignition?   If so it is most likely shot.  You will most likely never find a good replacement and if you do it will cost $$$ and it will eventually fail as well.  

Best fix is to do a complete ignition conversion upgrade.  There is a really good thread about it over at KTM talk in the oldies but goodies section :thumbsup:

In short, after KTM dropped the SEM ignitions and went to a different design in like 97 or 98 give or take and the stators and flywheels everything bolt on comparable with the older bikes to at least 1991.  250/300's. up to 07 ish  When i had my 92 300 exc, i ended up using a 06 200 xcw, stator and flywheel with an 03 250sx cdi and an 06 wire harness i think.  I did the whole conversion for like $300 buying stuff off ebay and shopping for good deals.  Really easy, plug and play, only thing you have to finagle is mounting the CDI and ignition coil, there is lots of room and it is easy if you are remotely shop/mechanically inclined.  Bike ran flawless after.

The trick is to use the parts for certain model years that have the same connectors so it all plugs together no problem.  All that info is in that retro fit thread on KTMTalk.  


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