Best Enduro GPS need help

Hi Everyone,


So now with the season about to start for all of us in the frozen north, its time to start getting the bikes ready. I had taken on the task of rebuilding mine after a lower rod failure late last season. Im finally ready to rock and have been riding it around but Im looking for the best Enduro GPS people have tried.


I use to use a Garmin Nuvi 255w and I loved it aside from the sloppy USB connection to the GPS as well as it not being water proof. it took a beating and finally died late last year.


I liked the maps and interface but the one feature I absolutely loved was the fact it tracked my route and showed me where I had been live screen. so if I got lost in a forest I could find my way out following my trail in reverse or knew which ways at a cross road I had been before.


So I set out for a new GPS, after reading reviews I purchased the TOMTOM rider 5 as all reviews stated that it would record your GPS positions and supply you with the route you had taken, one key fact that was not discussed in the review is the fact this cannot be viewed on the device but only on the computer. that doesn't help me when im 2 hours into the bush and needing to get out.


Does anyone have a review of a decent GPS that would have a similar interface to a Garmin or Tomtom with nice maps, a good moto-mount, good and reliable power connection and the all important tracking?

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+1  my 255w hit the trash can after the vibration gremlins got to it but I too loved the tracking while hitting forestry roads. Even when the roads were not on the GPS they were still being tracked on the 255w so I really couldn't  get lost. Looking for the same features but with the rugged construction needed for off road riding.

Could check out Lowrance. They specialize in GPS Fishfinders but they also make handhelds. The fishfinder I use on my kayak is pretty small, waterproof, has GPS, chartplotter and shows where you went. I use it on the ocean so its in pretty nasty conditions most of the time.


Just a thought.

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I'm using a Garmin Oregon 450. It's sold as a handheld unit for hikers, so the screen is a little small, but it works fine on my bike. It creates a track file as you travel, and lets you follow it backwards when you want to return. It comes with a medium resolution topo base map built in. I added the Garmin City Navigator memory card, and it now does routing, turn by turn navigation, and has a list of gas station, restraunts, etc. You can also get higher resolution topo map cards for it. Since it's designed for outdoor use it's waterproof and shock resistant. It uses disposable batteries and runs all day on a single pair. You can use the Garmin mapping software to plan and download routes.

I don't quite understand your reference to "enduro" GPS.  I am not aware of any enduro race where a GPS would be of any benefit. So you are probably referring to a GPS for off road, dual sport and adventure sport application.  For that application I prefer a GPS with buttons.  No touch screens.  Many good Garmin units. I use a etrx 20.  Small, inexpensive, lots of storage, plenty of features, records tracks.  Runs long time on internal power or can be fitted with external power cord. 

Thanks for the help. I sometimes require gps directions to gt to the nextbpoint of the trail.

Im looking into the Garmin Montana series gps. I believe its more or less what im looking for

I have the Garmin 62S.  As Noble comments, it has buttons and would prefer the buttons.  I have not messed around with installing custom maps and such yet.  I only used it on one ride thus far, but was able to turn on its Tracking mode, and it left a nice trail on the screen where I have been.  I was riding by myself, and was easily able to see where I was and what direction I was heading in real time.  Will be using more of its features this season.  You can name your different tracks, change colors, etc.  Its a nice feature.  Bought it as a bundle from Cabelas for $300 back in Nov of last year.  It included the unit, free download of 24K Topo map for your region, slip case, 4GB Mico SD card, 1 year Birdseye Satellite Imagery, and carab. clip.

I have been using the Garmin Etrex series for quite some time.  Very durable and you can load topographic maps, and create new routes or track your existing route. 


If you are interested, I have an extra one that I got for my other bike but I just transfer my first one back and forth so it does not get used.  I can get you a backup copy of the mapsource topo software to go with that so you can load maps of the areas you are riding.


PM me if you are interested in this.

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