Acerbis 3.4g

Hey all,

I am going to be purchasing an Acerbis 3.4g tank very soon. I read some past posts about Clarke and IMS tanks, but nothing conclusive...everyone has a different favorite it seems. :)

If any of you have one of these, how do they stack up and how do oyu like it? Thanks for your help!



Don’t know about the Clarke but I had an opaque (clear, natural, whatever) IMS on my ’00 and currently have a white Acerbis on my ’01. I think I paid about $180 for the IMS and around $220 for the Acerbis. Most of the price difference is probably accounted for by the aluminum insert around the filler hole on the Acerbis which allows you to convert to a dry break by buying the filler hardware only, instead of the whole tank.

The IMS tank I owned was the “Standard” version, I believe they also make the ultra slim Ty Davis desert tank. It holds 3.2 gallons but from the pictures I’ve seen isn’t much wider, if at all, than a stock YZ tank. I have heard the petcock on this model will not clear many aftermarket headers (more on that later) and it is so low on the other side that I don’t know how you can get to the choke or hot start (of course you can install a remote hot start kit). You can barely see the cylinder from the left side of the bike, and I’m a little worried that air flow to the radiators could be overly restricted by this tank. But that is pure speculation on my part. I came close to buying this tank before I decided on the Acerbis.

Here’s a link to the Ty Davis tank at ZipTy Racing.

Here is my rundown on the differences between the IMS and Acerbis I’ve owned.

The Acerbis has two petcocks, is a bit narrower and carries the fuel a bit lower than the IMS. The IMS’ lone petcock is on the right side but sits probably an inch higher than the Acerbis’ right side petcock. I ran the IMS with a high, big, and fat PC T4 exhaust system and it cleared it with room to spare. I could not even mount my Acerbis with this exhaust on my bike because the petcock made contact with the header before the tank was fully in place. It clears the stock header by about an inch or slightly more. The Acerbis also restricts access to the hot start and choke a bit more than the IMS, but you can still get at them. Finally the IMS uses only the right side frame mount or bracket while the Acerbis is mounted on both sides. I don’t think that is a very important consideration, however, and never had any related problems with my IMS tank.

On overall quality of manufacture and design I’d give the nod to Acerbis over the IMS, and I think it is noticeably slimmer to ride with as well. The Ty tank made me nervous as far as the potential for rubbing a hole in it with the kick start lever and all the intrusion into the spaces behind the radiators, which COULD make your bike run hotter, particularly at slower speeds. And I doubt Davis’ product development and testing included much of this type of riding :)

Maybe I bought the wrong tank, but for me the Acerbis was a nice compromise between the ultra-thin, ultra-low Ty tank and the overly bulky IMS on my old bike.

There isn’t any pictures of the Acerbis tank on their web sight that I could find, but here is a link to the Yamaha GYT-R tank, which I’m fairly certain is made by Acerbis.

Here’s is a link to the IMS site, but I can’t get it to load at the moment (very slow for some reason).

Hope this helps.


Yeehaw! :) Thanks very much for the info...that was quite a good comparison you gave and the links were nice additions, as well. I think I am going to get the Acerbis tank for my 400 after all. It just looks nicer and your recommendation certainly helped! That aluminum insert makes it look trick, too.



I too went with the Acerbis and the "cool" factor of the aluminum insert is worth it! :)

Good luck,


Ordered my Acerbis 3.4g tank today. They are only $105!!!!!!! It's a closeout, so get one if you've been looking!

It's only for the 98-99 YZ400, tho!


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