LED Dimmer on 2005 450 EXC Help Please!

I recently did a winter rehab on my much loved 05 450 EXC. One of the things I needed was better lighting. I added a BD rewound stator and R/R. 10mm led aux lights and a Baja Squradon LED. Running all through a Skene IQ-175 dimmer. Have all power coming straight from the battery running through a Trailtech 3 position switch that was originally connected to an X2 Halogen. I am seeing 16 to 17V running at the battery, and around 15V when the lights are at full power. 


Here's the issue. When on any of the lower settings (less then retina burn) the aux lights and the squadron will randomly flash to full power. I have tried all the suggestions from Skene on different wiring configurations but the issue persists.


1. Could an issue with either the stator or R/R cause this flashing?

2. Does the ground from the stator harness now have to go directly to the battery? I have it going to the frame at the coil like stock. 


Starts and runs fine but I know this flashing will bring unwanted attention besides being incredibly annoying.


Any and all suggestions, comments, ideas are more than welcome. 


Cheers Ken 

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I wonder if the BD dimmer would have been an easier match.

With all those new parts installed at once it's tougher to pin it down, it might be a compatibility issue.


Did you call the dimmer mfg and BD, maybe their techs can help out.

Is the R/R and Stator full DC, or do you have a higher output AC system? LEDs are diodes and will only flow current one direction.


With my DC Trailtech Stator and R/R, there is a lighting output and a  battery charge output. Check the wiring and make sure connections are solid and the ground is good. Also, these harnesses are assembled by hand and a pin location might be switched.

I would love to see the results here.  I just installed the squadron on my 05 MXC tonight.  It took a while to sort out (I'm sorta challenged at electrical) but got the low beam to come on.  I can adjust the intensity of the light but the high beam WILL NOT WORK :(  I tested for voltage coming out of my tusk light switch and get the 12V+.  I have isolated the issue down to be the dimmer box.  Only low beam will work and the high beam over ride is out of commission.  I will call Skies (whatever there name is ) tomorrow to ask for help and even call BD for help.  Sooooooo frustrating!


Any thoughts to this issue?  Thanks either way and good luck with the high voltage!

[quote name="HooliKen" post="11463630" timestamp="1395419393"

Cheers Ken

You should post up if you get it sorted out. It's be nice to know there are other lighting options.

You should post up if you get it sorted out. It's be nice to know there are other lighting options.

In the unabundance of time I have I am still working on this. I am thinking that it might be an issue with the RR. Tapped all lights and dimmer directly from the battery and still flashes on the lower power settings when running. Whether at idle or high revs. In the process of hooking up another companies stator and RR that is full DC conversion. Have it wired up, will probably get it wrapped up tomorrow. When I get it sorted I will let you know. Contacted BD about which RR would be a direct replacement last week and never heard back from them. 

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