Help with clutch cable routing, did I get the wrong cable?

Switching from a Magura hydraulic clutch to cable, so I don't know proper way to route it, it seems like my cable is too short because I it barely pull the clutch, not nearly enough for me to ride it, I'm thinking it might be because of how I have it routed but I don't know? Here are some pictures




Yes you did get the wrong cable.  Your bike appears to be an '03, or a very early '04, by the looks of the cable anchor point.   You need a 5TA-26335-00-00.  You probably bought a 5UL-26335-00-00 instead.   The 5TA is distinguished by the curved cable guide at the transmission end. 


If you have trouble finding one, you may be able to use a cable for an '05 WR450 (PN 5TJ-26335-80-00), as the are routed and anchored in a very similar manner.

I guess you win some and you lose some on ebay, thanks for clarifying that for me

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