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Split this forum ? Or is it just me ?

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The older I get, the less time I seem to have to spend reading about bikes I do not have or want.  I monitor several forums on TT and most are fairly bike specific except for this one. 



CRF250X covers one model over 10 years.

CRF450X covers one model over 8 ? years

DRZ400 covers one model (3 styles) over 13 or so years.


these are the ones I check every few days.  there are others that I check sometimes when looking for info (XR600/650, CRF205R, CREF450R, etc)  But usually I just do a search if I need to find info.


This forum XR250/400 actually covers 250, 350 and 400's.  over 30+ years.   I REALLY want to see posts about the XR400.  I do not care so much to have to sort through posts about 29 year old 1985 XR350L or R models (which I used to have) or 30 year old XR250's.


I frequently send people to TT to look for info when they ask me about bikes.  They often come back saying that it was too confusing because none of the bikes seemed to be like theirs.  Either too new or too old or whatever.

Or if they do start using it, they invariably quit because they say that too many posts do not apply to them and they do not have time to look through them all.


The XR bikes are GREAT bikes for people to get into dirt biking.  LONG lasting, reliable and inexpensive.  But I feel this forum makes it sometimes difficult for newbies to find what they need.


I know some people will say that it is good for newbies to see posts from experienced riders because they will learn more about bikes and biking.  True, and there is nothing to keep them from perusing other forums to do that.  I myself go into some of the technical forums from time to time to do that very thing.


Some will say that they like seeing the other bike posts because they feel they have info to contribute to those posts.  True, and there is nothing keeping them from perusing other forums to see those posts.  I myself go into forums of bikes I used to own for the very same reason from time to time.


But for the day in, day out time spent on TT,  I think more separation of bike models would be helpful (at least to me).


While not perfect (like separating everything out), I like how the the location forums have been separated out into states.  That helps streamline the time spent by allowing me to skip over posts unrelated to my interests.


The more people can find what they want on TT, the more time they will spend here and the more people they will send here who will send more people, etc.  And in the process, if people get what they want efficiently, I would thing that more will become paying members whichis what helps keep this site up and running.


And while I am at it, I think it is like $29 to become a paying member for a year.  Come on people, you spend that in a bar in one night.  Ante up and help out the guys that keep this site up and running and become a Team TT member.    http://www.thumpertalk.com/store/product/3-team-tt/



Rant over.  Thoughts ? 

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The old 1980's and earlier 250, 350 and 500's should really be in the vintage section IMO. It's just that not much really changed on XR's over the years so the newer ones are still comparable for advice and set up.

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I don't mind being inclusive of the other models.  I would even include the 600/650 XRs.  Some of those guys have had the smaller bikes and have a lot to offer readers. 


What would be better is to make the forum function able to select by model/s, and a demand to input the model on each post.  It could be designed in a way that you could be model-specific or be inclusive of all.  Oops that makes everyone happy.  Isn't that unnatural?

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What would be better is to make the forum function able to select by model/s, and a demand to input the model on each post. 

Love this idea.  Should be fairly easy to add an input for the model in each thread (like the regional forum).  Not sure about the per-post idea.  


If all the models can't have their own forum, I'd also suggest making an overall XR forum (as a sub-forum of Honda) and have all the existing models as sub-forums;  at least for the 250/400/600/650, as they have much in common.  This would make searching for general XR info/help easier.  Yes/no?


Perhaps one of the mods can chime in here with their thoughts on the feasibility of these types of changes.

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