2001 WR250 Carb?


New to TT and  I have a question for everyone.I have a 2001 wr250 and the carb. had an issue with the float valve seat. Long story short, the carb. is no longer usable with the float valve pulled out of it (Yamaha does not mak a replacement float valve seat for it (Ya I know I should have checked that before I messed it up). I was wondering if a carb. off a 2002 wr250 will work on a 2001 wr250? I found one on e-bay and it is substantially cheaper than an aftermarket carb. OR Could I just use the bottom part of the 2002 carb, on the top part of the 2001 carb. They seem to be the same carb, but Yamaha says they have different part numbers and said they might night be interchangable. Has anyone had any experience (working that is) with these two being able to be incterchangable?

I looked up the part numbers for the carb and the float bowl gasket for the 2001, 2002, and 2003 WR250. All had different part numbers. The 2001 and 2002 carb part numbers have the same root number (5PH-14101) but different dash numbers (-00-00, and -50-00 respectively). They both appear to be 5PH1 carbs.


I think the 2002 carb will work on your 2001 WR - I'd go for it.


Worse case you have to re-sell the 2002 carb on Ebay.


Good luck!

Thanks jrabenius, that is the census with everyone I have talked to. Just hope the 2002 carb doesn't have the same problem my 2001 had. I think I will go for it too.



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I have an 01 wr250f and used a carb from an 09 yz250f.  I had to stretch the air boot a little and use a cable from the 09 but it worked fine.  I had to replace mine because I took it apart at mid body and you can't get the seals.  But they do make the float valve seat because I replaced it on my 01 carb.

You can still buy a press in seat. Contact James Dean, JetsRUs or Sudico


I had the bike shop nearest me call Yamaha and they said the valve seat "was not a servicable part" they told the parts guy that they do not make that part and I have looked high and low for one (it is pressed in, not screwed in). I found that Keihin makes almost the identical carb short of the aftermarket Keihin carb has a replacable threaded float valve seat. I asked Keihin if I could just thread my carb and put that one in and they said they tried it and the bike wouldn't run right. I have my brother (who is a machinist) trying to make the part but the actual "seat" angle inside he said was tricky with his equiptment. If you know of where I could get the float valve seat I would appreciate a hand in the right direction. You said you put an '09 yz carb on your 2001 wr and it worked, that makes feel better about trying the '02 carb. Thanks for your info.!


I just checked JetsRUs and I think that is the part! (I think I just peed a little I am so excited!!!!). Thanks! WAHHOOOOOOO!

Just ordered the parts thanks to everyone for the help! You just saved me a bunch of money....and you know what the best part is.....I didn't even have to change my insurance to Geico ;-)....LOL


I just checked JetsRUs and I think that is the part! (I think I just peed a little I am so excited!!!!). Thanks! WAHHOOOOOOO!

That is why chicks dig me.



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