Silly oil change question

Am I correct in thinking that riding the bike is not really necessary too warm the bike up before a oil and just letting it idle for a minut or two is fine. Especially since the transmission and moter share oil so its all geting warmed up and circulated even when it's just idling. I don't want too turn my bike into a mud ball today right before I change the oil since its clean but do want too get as much out and get it all mixed up before I dump it especially this time cause I'm changing the type of oil I use and the bike sat all winter.

on the Yamaha the engine oil is also the gear oil.  so idling it to warm it up to change the oil is just fine. that's how I always do it. but if you let it idle for too long it can start to over heat and push coolant out of the overflow. just idle it until you feel the case is warm.

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