250f or 450f which to buy

So I'm sure this has been asked a bunch of times but...here we go...I'm just starting to get the itch back to buy a bike and have a few that im looking at this weekend. I had a 125 for a long time. However, I was younger then and now being older alot of guys around here run 450f Not a whole lot of track riding probable 6-8 times a year but lots of trail and pit riding. Im bigger individual 6' 230 consider myself to be in good shape and strong.(not that it makes a difference). Just want some feed back been on a few 450 rescently and man do they have power been on big bore ATV's forever currently have a 1000cc cat tons of torque but has 4 wheels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated to those experienced riders.



What kind of riding do you want to do?

There are places I ride where a 65 is plenty. Other places, a 450 is lacking. 99% of the time, a 250 is more than enough.


Many people 'think' they need a big bike because:

Big Guy

Need to have a big bike to race my buddy

Do not want to be on an underpowered bike

and on and on and on

All invalid reasons for choosing.


Do you run the desert?

Tight woods?

Insane goat trails

Open MX?

As long as you're fit and strong, my 450 was good in all situations. I was faster in the tight ST on a 450 than I was on the 250F.


300cc 2T would be another good option :thumbsup: .

We have a variety there is some sand but not alot. I would say 75 would be woods riding with fairly open trails some fast some slow. weight isnt realy an a big thing i dont thing my atv is pretty heavy tend to run it quick through the woods anything would be nimble compared to that. I just dont want to end up regretting buying a bike with all that power and never being able to use it. However, Jumping would be nice to have that extra snort if needed. Some open pit riding to which can have sand sometimes. I road my 125 to its brink it was a older 97 or 98. I found a pretty good deal on a 450f 2004 in great shape guy bought it new and doesnt really ride all that hard. But I have heard that the power on the 04 is different been on a couple newer 450 and they are smooth or seem to be. as far as track riding probably nothing huge most minnesota tracks are pretty small and most are table tops througout the track. a few local guys have tracks but nothing extreme either.

thanks for the replys opinions are much appreciated.

In your case I'd recommend a 450. If you wrung the neck of a 125 safely, you should be safe enough.

The engines hold up better on 450s since they don't have to work as hard.

Keep in mind that for anyone B level and under, 250s tend to be safer and more fun on the track.


All 450s make relatively smooth power with proper jetting. You can further neuter the power hit with a heavy flywheel. I have on on my CRF450R to tame it for the woods, works great and lugs very well.

I appreciate all the response the deal on this 450 is too good to pass up. Thanks again to all that helped.

Im your size and run a 250f. absolutely love it. it will take me anywhere I need to go with no problems, and the largest of hillclimbs are no problems

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