Wr250z 2 stroke transmission oil grey ?

Hi another. ? Changed my gearbox oil and nut last week now the oils grey I put in 10/40 car oil semi synthetic oil cheap stuff about 6 hours ago of riding was clear when put it in now grey but don't seem to have lost any water ?? Could it be wrong oil I put it friend said its fine with his road bike I just don't no thanks ?

Its normal the stuff that the clutch plates is made of discolors the oil

O ok I was thinking my water was getting in there somewhere but glad u said its normall as well when I have the bike in gear while I hold the clutch in when I rev it up high it pulls forward a big does that mean my clutch is dragging Wat causes dragging and is 10-40 car engine oil ok to use for my transmission thanks

You better check that oil is approved for wet clutches, if not you just ruined a clutch. I personally use type F ATF because it is specifically designed for wet clutches, and has a very large amount of cleaner additives. If you want to run engine oil, look for the JASO MA specification.

Mite try ATF just was down the motor x shop and he said the car oil got to many other stuff in to use it on the wr250z what ATF do I need to look for and the guy at the shop said use light gear oil

Engine oil is just fine in the wr250 gearbox...Yamaha recommends it. The important part is finding an oil that is specifically designed for wet clutch applications. I use cheap Type-F atf and change it often because it only costs $2 a quart. Automatic transmissions are full of gears and wet clutches, so if anybody says it won't work they are either lying or very uninformed.

Ok will try that as I'm useing 10-40 car oil and my mates got it in his bandit 600 and says it smooth on the gear change ill just change it often as I get 5 liters for 10 pound so when it goes grey change it another thing is in running 150 ml oil to 5 liters or fuel is that ok as exhaust tip it soaked in oil

The manual says to use basic car oil 10w30 10w40, the clutch dragging can mean you just need to adjust your cable so it offsets the plate inside and stops it from slight pull as long as your on ground and not pulling forward its fine the clearances are tight between the plates so you may have some "drag" the engine oil ATF is a debate you will prob see on other posts, if your a by the book guy then use car oil if you want to try ATF go for it good luck

Just wonderd how to adjust it as it selects gears fine and clutch leaver really nice and flicks back really nice bitting point it soon as u pull the leaver a tiny bit it's ingaging right away

There should be two nuts, near the lever you can turn or some have a after market twist knob on the lever sounds like yours is adjust correctly you may only need a tiny bit more to eliminate that slight engagement of the clutch. If you can imagine the rod inside the clutch needs to push out on the engagement plate allowing more clearance in the plates, allot of bikes have this problem even in neutral the wheel may spin slowly on a stand there is no real force being transfered

My adjuster the 1 right next to the lever is adjusted most of the way out but I've got another one just down a bit from that a standerd long adjuster like the throttle were should I adjust that to as that's nearly all the way in with no adjustment I think the guy I got the bike of fort he and travis pastrana was the same person and couldn't ride it atall I did giggle when he said he mates call him travis pastrana lol

Lol I'd say you may be chasing your tale if you can't adjust her any further might be time for a new cable. You show them who the real Travis is lol ,cheers

So I'd say your from england very cool I visited London a2 years ago

Sorry guys if I'm messing up your thread but, I was wondering about the transmison atf type f oil and is this alright if I run atf type Fa? Its reddish oil in black bottle...again I'm sorry for disturbing your thread but I just didn't want to start another thread for something little



Was at the track the other day done about 3 laps as I'm new to motor x on a track chasing a mate that's a motor x rider day in day out so followed him up a big jump and I fort I was a gona bike hit so hard my forks are leaking now acted like I ment to follow him lol lucky I didn't snap in half lol

Ill try see what's Wat about the clutch tommorow and will let u no took for a little road drive 10 mins of so forgot to check oil will do tomz thanks again

01 rm250 I would just use the car oil type 10w30 10w40 depending on your operating temps you will be in any Walmart Meier even has valvolen type for ATV and if your riding 10w30 is everywhere compared to atf your bike came with the w weights I'd stick with it istay consistent with whatever you do. Good luck

Decided to take transmission cover of and have found

Some white liquid in the transmission case as in pic

Looks like car headgasket colour I don't no Wat it is and were it

Could be coming from and does the power have a seal

As that's leaking to as in second pic


Power valve leaking pic


Just found this behind the kick start cog ??


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