Rough running '05 RMZ 450

I'm working on this bike for my buddy. Told me it wouldn't start. First thing I did was drain the old gas and put fresh in. That didn't help, so I opened up the carb. Sure enough, the pilot jet was plugged. Cleaned it and put it back together. To get it to sputter, I had to give it 6 pumps with the accelerator pump, then kick with the choke on! Finally got it to stay running messing with the throttle, but would die as soon I left it alone. Within 15 sec of running, I noticed it pushing oil out the crankcase breather and the hose missing.


What would you try to diagnose next?

"05" has a manual cam chain adjust. I'd make sure that's right next unless you really trust your buddy. The oil may have puked a little because it was over filled.

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I checked the oil level with the RH side cover. Seemed to barely leak out, seems right. I put a compression tester on it, reads 70lbs. Not sure if that sounds right with the auto decompression system. Checked the timing chain and it's good and tight.

Any idea what the valve clearance is for the intake and exhaust?

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