Missing pieces of the puzzle 2005 450 X

Well I started a rebuild of a 450 X  I had a few years ago  but never got around to finish it.


I got 90 % of it back together but there a few small things that I need some help with





1. Where does the ground cable go to that comes from the battery      I am guessing it attaches somewhere to the engine



2. There is a small bracket under the tank  that holds 2 black plugs one 2 prong and 4 prong    it looks that it goes somewhere near the valve cover

Is there some kind enough to maybe snap a quick picture where they go so I can get this thing back on the road














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A service manual will help you with all of this.


You can download them for free.

I looked thru the manual but could not find any pictures where they go

My bike is currently being stored away so I went through the best pics I had and the arrow shows where ground is (from my memory).




I couldn't find any close up pics of that plug you showed but i'm the original owner of my bike and this is how it looks from the factory without the gas tank if it is of any use to you:



I just found this one too.



The two plugs go right next to the Gas tank petcock and the ground wire goes right above the front sprocket like the picture above.

I looked thru the manual but could not find any pictures where they go


Not the owners manual, the service manual.


The ground bracket is shown in a dissembley picture, as is the harness.


Sorry, but my manual is out on loan.

The two wire sockets by the fuel pet I I are for your stator

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