To Much Oil?

so my question is can you fill a 2013 kx450f with TOO MUCH oil in to the point that it will cause any kind of damage or not be as productive? today I did my oil change and accidentally put too much oil in. it looks like it has an oil overflow, but I don't know? it is at the very top of the sight glass. so could damage be caused by too much oil? thanks in advance

Too much oil can cause a number of different issues...In this particular engine, I cant tell you for sure...


But, WAY too much oil can puddle in the case to the point that the rotating assemblies like crank and rod can slap the oil and cause lots of issues. When this happens the piston and rod become covered with oil mist and increases their weight... Not a good thing.  Im not sure a 'full' sight glass will cause this, but I would drain it into a container and measure out the correct amount of oil, not counting a filter change and refill it... its free ...

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