How is this premix?

I have a 98 rm125 and a 95 kx250. I bought to of these so I could mix with 1.5 gallons of fuel for a 32:1 ratio. It says 50:1 on the back though so what does that mean? Could I safely mix it at 50:1? ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395443872.583298.jpg

You should be fine.


Oils give you a "maximum safe to mix at ratio".  In this case Lucas claims to be safe at 50:1 and if you trust their oil then go ahead and run it at that ratio.  But changing the mix ratio to 32:1 won't hurt anything as far as that oil is concerned.  The only thing that you really need to be careful of when playing with mix ratios is jetting.  Oil takes the place of gas when you mix it, this just means that one gallon at 50:1 has more gas than one gallon at 32:1.  Switching a bike that's perfectly jetted on a 50:1 ratio will make it run lean if you switched to a 32:1 ratio.  So decide on a mix ratio based on what you want to run and then jet for that mix.

Ok thanks. I used it and my bikes are running fine with it. I was just making sure it wasn't designed to be run at 50:1

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