No idea how much to sell my bike for

I'm new here so let me start off by saying sorry if I put this in the wrong place. Anyway, I have a 2007 RMZ 250 that I'm trying to sell so I can get a new bike. I have it on Craigslist for $2300 obo. I keep getting offers from people of like $1500 do you guys think I'm asking to much, or are they just being cheap? The bike has 71 hours on it, it had a rebuild at 55 hours, full fmf exhaust and a couple little bolt ons such as levers and what not. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395446339.058781.jpg

$1,500 is a low ball but $2,300 is wishful thinking. Think realistic at about $1,850


At the price you have it, no one who wants that bike will waste the time to get you to a good price. All you will get are flippers.

I dont think $2300 is too high. CL all you get is idiots. Put it on ebay with a reserve,trade it in and take the hit from the dealer, rather than some monkeys texting you all hours. The other options are keep it as a fun bike till it dies,then part it out. Or...just simply part it out. Not sure id sell a bike outright again. Too many weirdos. Parting out takes time but i typically end up getting more than what i would have gotten selling it plus i get to keep any parts i want. All a bike is,is wheels,chassis,suspension and motor. Part it out in lots,weight it out on a skid and charge freighg for the skid. Usually the motor you can sell whole kr just sell bottom end and then the head and cylinder separate. Or..break it down further. Essier to get $500 10x then it is to get $2,000 out of one person

I would just be happy to get $1900-2000 out of it. I'm picking up a new bike this week so I kind of just want to get rid of this one, to much stuff I'm running out of room

Sold my 07 KX250f last summer and only ended up getting 2,000 for it. Of course I wanted way more than that because of all that I had done but in the end I had just bought the RM-z and needed it gone plus I got lucky and a dad bought it for his kid for them to ride together and he babies it.... Better than I did!!

Yeah I just sold it yesterday for $1900. Some guy bought it for his 16 year old kid

I think you did good there Brian.

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