2005 YZ250f will not start

i bought a motor off ebay and got it running for a few minutes and it stalled.. turns out it jumped timing and the woodruf key snapped (fixed both of those) and i cleaned the carb, fresh oil, new gas, supposedly new valves.. the piston looks rather new judging my the amount of carbon and it just will not start, i understand that yami's are hard to start but i kicked for a straight 20 minutes.. nothing.. doesnt even sound like it wants to... the bike sat for a total of about 6-8 months and i cleaned the carb and all that last weekend. i have no clue what else it could possibly be, ive tried every trick in the book and im at the point of leaving it near the trash.. HELP ME PLEASE

No, Yamaha engines (and most brands) are easy to start if in good shape. Two kicks cold, one hot.


Check valve clearences

Confirm cam timing

Check woodruff key again.

Confirm spark

Put in a BRAND NEW pilot jet

Flushed tank, New fuel

New spark plug

What William said.


Dude, you said it jumped time. This engine does not jump time unless the crank sprocket is worn out.

Pull the flywheel and stator and shoot a pic of it and post here.

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