Wire Harness connectors

I'm looking for a source for some of the connectors on the harness. I need some of the connectors from the stator and some other connectors under the tank. The PO removed them and twisted the wires and taped them.

I've never been able to find those.  If connectors go bad I solder and use heat shrink tube.  When I've needed a connector, sometimes I've used flat 4 conductor trailer plugs.  You can get both sides with a few feet of wire at walmart for cheap.   

Check out Corsa-Technic.    They have them all.  I bought every connector from them for a 2001 WR250F and 2010 YZ250F to do a dual sport build and have the WR stator mate up to the 2010 harness.  Same parts Identical in fit and quality as OEM...hell they may even be from the original sourced supplier as Yamaha.   It goes with out saying they have connectors for the other makes of bikes also new and old. 






Thanks Ron for the heads up. I've added it to my list.


Ricky Stator, Baja design also have a lot of the connectors too.

I have been buying stuff from easternbeaver.com for years. I have no affiliation, just a happy customer.

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