XR250R gearing question

I have a 86 XR250R and the front sprocket broke off a few teeth so I need to replace it I already have the new chain but the only rear sprocket they had was a 43 (48 is stock) so I bought it anyway and was wondering if I went one tooth down (13 stock) on the front if it would be close enough? stock gearing is 3.69 according to the charts with these sprockets it would be 3.58 or could i get away with an 11 tooth (3.91) would prefer acceleration over top speed

I'm not sure about the '86 but if you go below 13t on later models, the chain will eventually wear through the chain slider and cut into the swing arm.  Also with a drastic change on the rear sprocket, you need to raise or lower the rear guide accordingly for the same reason.   

Ok thanks for the info I will just pick up a sprocket kit online for my bike and then I will just have an extra chain so it works out.

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