kdx 200 wont shift well takes first and second then kicks out

so I got the clutch cover off and watch the shifter rod, turn the countershaft sprocket and try to work it through the gears, I'm not getting a 3/4/5 click any one have any ideas what to check before splitting the cases and having a look?

Could easily be a bent/damaged shifter fork, those 2-stroke tranny's are really simple too, my advice would be split the cases

If the shift shaft is straight, and the spring in tact, and the external components on the shift drum are operating correctly, its time to split the cases. Probably a bent shift fork. Do you bang it thru the gears?

the bike was loaned to a rookie and come back broken, the shift shaft is straight and external components look good, spring is ok so my guess is the shifter lever got used as a foot peg by the rookie, time to split the cases

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