TE450 Kinked coolant overflow tube causing problems?

Hi Guys,


I'm looking for some help...


After riding I find coolant sitting at the bottom of my radiators. 


I found that the overflow tube was kinked so did my best to fix it but it ends up looking like this - it's such a tight space (is that standard??)


Could this cause pressure to build up in the system?


I've found signs of coolant overflowing out the radiator cap, but this doesn't explain coolant at the bottom of the other radiator.


Any help is much appreciated.






It must be an '08-'09 with the white frame. It has a hole in the frame for the crossover tube - which is really cool....my '06 has the crossover tube going above the frame.

As for the overflow hose, suck it up and buy a nice reinforced/braided hose and install it. Your bike has a resevoir and the coolant needs to flow freely back and forth. Problem solved.

Thanks mate, yeah I forgot to specify - it's a 2010 model.


So if coolant can't get down that hose it could be spraying it out the cap?


Still wondering how it's appearing on the LHS radiator as well. Maybe it's forcing it out the connector tube.


I'll start it up without the tank and have a look...

That looks routed wrong to me. On my 07 (which is proably different_ The overflow hose is routed on the right side of the frame along the top tube and down by the carb behind the tank and crosses over underneath the carb and snakes around behind the overflow bottle. I just replaced the hose and the crosssover hose with silicon hoses. Basically you need to find a better way to route it so is is not kinked like that. 

If those are the GPI radiators, mine have an issue where the nozzles are not ligned up like they are supposed to be, just a hair off. My crossover hose off just enough that the hose was contacting the voltage regulator heat sink and I missed it. It cut through the hose, making me loose coolant, I should have caught it, but I actually had the hose mounted before I tightened the radiator mounts which made it contact the VR. 

That looks routed wrong to me. 


me too.  it looks to me like you have the crossover tube hooked up where the overflow tube should be, based on the drawing in the service manual the crossover should be on the top tank, and the overflow comes off the filler neck.


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Hey, my manual shows it in the right place (I think) - page reference at the bottom:



Hey, my manual shows it in the right place (I think) - page reference at the bottom:



can you get a picture of where you have your overflow bottle hooked up to the radiator?  it has to be in the radiator cap neck so that the line opens and closes with the pressure on the spring.

IIRC this line (in blue) is the crossover, and the one in red should be overflow.


im not near my te to verify though.


Hey, yeah it's the same as the manual - it's hooked up right (as you described) - I was surprised it's such an awkward place though.


I guess it makes sense that if it's kinked it will cause coolant to come out the cap.

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